2020 Women Inc
2020 Women Inc

Opportunities with 2020 Women Inc

Are you an entrepreneur looking to expand your reach, stand out in your commUnity and naturally are inclined to help others?

We are in search of female entrepreneurs to lead our CommUnities Globally and we would love to know why you would be a great fit to work along side our amazing women leaders. 

Please send us your application form for our review and we will set up a time for a video interview if you are approved. 

We look forward to meeting you!

The Pink Awards©

The Pink Awards© stand for "People Instilling Natural Kindness"

A percentage of all of our sales of the products you see online are contributed to our annual Pink Awards. ness. 

Once a year, nominated members will have a chance to win our prestigious honour. 

Our awards include...

New Business Star of the Year 

Awarded to the woman that has worked very hard at her business and shown dedication and drive to her commUnity at the same time

Think Pink Always

Awarded to the woman who instills kindness naturally in her commUnity.

The Big Pink
Awarded to the leader that has contributed to our CommUnity with all her heart.

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